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Charity support/events/ local radio/newspaper events

07 September 2010 18:33

Each week we are receiving numerous requests for our Guests to support Charities, give donations or send items for auctions. We are also receiving many requests from local radio and magazines for interviews and articles as well as requests for autographed photo's.

Whilst the majority of  these requests are for worthy causes, the Lighthouse Agency does not have the wherewithall to  accomodate all these requests and chase up non responses to a first request. Sadly this is outside our agency mandate, which is to act as a booking and advice function to support Church developement.

In future should you have such a request, then this should be made by e-mail via our website, detailing you organisation and event and for one only specific guest. We are unable to accomodate blanket requests for guests and such requests will not be actioned .

Your request, if deemed approriate, will be forwarded. Should you not receive a reply from the guest, please regard this as the guest being unable to support your particular event or request.