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Bruce DyerBruce Dyer

Bruce Dyer is an amazing individual; one who has achieved some amazing things yet has a heart of gold always willing to help others.

Bruce was born and raised in the a Pentecostal Church but didn’t made a commitment till years later. Bruce began his football career at the age of 16 as an apprentice at Watford. Bruce commenced an amazing football journey playing for Watford and went on to sign a historic deal in UK football history as the first teenager to be sold for over a million pounds. (£1.25 million to be exact) from Watford to Crystal Palace.
Bruce also played for the England under 21′s 11 times scoring 4 goals as well playing for Barnsley, Stoke City, Sheffield United, Doncaster, Chesterfield and York. His career that spanned 17 years with 469 appearances with 117 goals took him to many places and allowed him to meet many people. Bruce became a DJ playing at the latest hotspots and began to make a name for himself playing alongside the likes of DJ Spoony and other renowned UK DJS. However it was in 1998 that Bruce began to admit to himself that there was a deep void in his heart that neither money, relationships, success or any hobby could fill. After a conversation with his brother Isaiah-Raymond Bruce went into his bedroom and prayed a simple prayer to The Lord Jesus Christ and committed his life to Him and has never looked back since.  Bruce returned to the church that he was raised in and later relocated churches due to the travelling distance from his Sheffield based home. Along his journey Bruce has inspired many young people, proving that consistent hard work pays off interms of a secular career. Bruce now says “I thank God for all that He allowed me to achieve with my football career, I truly believe it was Him that opened the door. Now I’ve found the greatest love in my life and that’s The Love of Jesus Christ, He’s changed my life and I’m committed to sharing The Love that changed my life and can change yours  . Since retiring from football Bruce & his wife Janine Dyer set up Love Life UK & Love Life UK Outreach.

Janine and Bruce Dyer